Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Know Your Prosperity Stones #5: Crazy Lace Agate

I talked a lot about Green Moss Agate in my book Crystal Cash: Fast Easy Money Magick Using Popular Stones (Exploring Crystal Magic Book 1). But there's another stone, Crazy Lace Agate, that I've done a lot of work with on the physical plane. I wasn't ready to talk about it in my book, because I haven't done enough metaphysical work with it. But I've done a lot of work with it in my polishing and art projects. And I've been getting some questions about it. So let's talk. All photos on this page courtesy Peachfront Press.

It's hard to put exactly into words what Crazy Lace is. It's usually more of a banded (and sometimes orbed) Chalcedony, usually from northern Mexico, that comes in a variety of distinctive colors and patterns. Yes, there are whites and greys. But there are also pinks, reds, browns, and golds. Sometimes there are a few pieces that are translucent -- I have some Crazy Lace that's truly a pink and white candy-colored Agate. Often it's a more opaque material and the beauty comes from the patterns you find within.

Here is a gold Crazy Lace Agate sphere from the Peachfront Press personal collection. The material came from Chihuahua, Mexico, possibly the La Fortuna mine. Please note that Peachfront's photo is copyrighted and used by permission. Ask before you republish it elsewhere. This item is not for sale.

I'm rather cautious with suggestions for metaphysical crystal work until I've tried them out. But I do know that patterned Agate and Chalcedony has a long-standing history of being associated with wealth and power. I've been happy with Green Moss Agate for my money-drawing purposes, but I should probably branch out a little and give my Crazy Lace Agates their shot. At this time, I've been using it mostly as an inspirational material for my art. I'll be honest. For me, it's one of those stones that grabs me with its personal beauty. But it makes sense that surrounding yourself with beautiful things is a great way to feel wealthy. And, by the law of attraction, if you feel wealthy, you can draw more wealth.

I'd be thrilled to hear about other people's experiences with this stone. Tweet me to share your stories.

For now, let's visit the photo album. Here's a collection of polished baroque Crazy Lace Agates in brown, pink, red, and white/gray:

Here's a nontypical Pink Crazy Lace:

Here's a nice hand specimen with a more typical pattern:

Three pieces of brown Crazy Lace Agate -- two polished cabs and one tumbled wire-wrappable:

One of the favorite cuts from the Peachfront Press Collection:

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Know Your Prosperity Stones #4: Arkansas Quartz Crystal

Arkansas Quartz Crystal

What if you could only own one crystal for your prosperity work?  It would be tough for me to choose between Lodestone and Quartz, but I could make a very strong argument for Arkansas Quartz Crystal.  It's beautiful, abundant, and affordable.  

All of the Arkansas Quartz crystal clusters on this page were given very minimal (read amateur quality) physical cleaning.  We don't own a soda blaster, folks!  But they still look gorgeous.  

I featured Arkansas Quartz first and foremost in my book Crystal Cash: Fast Easy Money Magick Using Popular Stones.  Many people think only about the spiritual when they consider this stone.  No doubt about it, the stone has been used down through the ages for meditations, scrying, contact with alternate realities, and more.  

But it's also a practical stone that was used in early electronics, particularly during World War II.  It's a stone that doesn't shy away from material as well as spiritual truths.

I firmly believe that every serious student of crystal lore should have Arkansas Quartz crystal somewhere in their tool kit.

Arkansas Quartz comes in many forms. Here's a light smoky--

Here's one with some speckled inclusions, I call this cluster "freckles"--