Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Waterfall of Light Crystal Meditation audio for you

To celebrate my upcoming book release, and to help you blast away those little clogs that may have stopped you from achieving your greatest good in the past, Peachfront Press has posted an extended meditation audio on their site called "A Waterfall of Light Crystal Meditation."

Grab it here: A Waterfall of Light Crystal Meditation

I like to roll out the yoga mat and relax flat on my back after I've lit a white candle and a favorite incense. I'll have a favorite friendly crystal, usually a clear one like double-terminated Quartz Crystal, resting about a foot over the crown of my head. This meditation does take some time but, performed regularly, it should help you blast through some invisible, unseen blocks that may have stalled you out in the past. Give it a try and see what you think.

In case you missed the sneak preview of my upcoming book, here's that cover reveal again--

Monday, December 5, 2016

Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity now out in paperback

Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity is a no-fluff practical magick book that will show you how to use inexpensive, easy-to-find crystals in all the colors of the rainbow to set free the flow of prosperity into your life-- even if you're a complete beginner to manifesting money.
Amethyst Qu, author of Crystal Cash: Fast, Easy Money Magick Using Popular Stones, will take you by the hand and show you, step by step, what stones you should choose and how to use them in order to attract more wealth. You will learn how to use the natural stone wisdom of the ages to blast through blocks that may have kept you from enjoying your good in the past.

Along the way, the author opens up her own medicine bag to show you the stones she uses herself for such purposes as:
**clearing away emotional blocks to success
**obtaining better readings from divination tools like the I Ching and the Tarot
**energizing the physical body
**manifesting greater prosperity on the material plane

How much richer would you be if you weren't blocking your own path, if you had insight into the future, if you had twice the energy, and if you knew how others were using stone magick to quietly draw more money?

Note: In addition to discussing the seven key chakras-- crown, third eye, throat, heart, belly, solar plexus, and root-- this book provides an in-depth discussion of the two "secret" chakras that most other crystal healing guides ignore.

Get it today:

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