Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Surprising Source of Prosperity Stones

Is there a hidden source of prosperity stones just waiting to be picked out of your aquarium gravel? Let's take a look at some photos of my own gravel that I took myself and see what we find.

Don't laugh. Rockhounds will inspect all of their gravel -- even their driveway and garden gravel -- in hopes of finding their newest treasure. Even if you don't have a driveway or a garden, you may have a hidden treasure right there in your goldfish bowl. If you've already read Crystal Cash: Fast Easy Money Magick Using Popular Stones, then you know that's how I got started.

I get the impression that a lot of aquarium gravel is just cleaned-up scrap from lapidary shops or quarries -- the tiny bits of crushed stone that aren't useful for jewelry or other designs. So they end up being polished in a huge tumbler and sold for something like a dollar or two a pound at the Dollar Tree or Big Lots.

As it happens, Quartz is one of the most common minerals found on the earth's crust. In fact, there is only ONE more common mineral, Feldspar. So the odds are high that your gravel has some quartz pebbles in it. Sometimes it's just white milky Quartz. And sometimes it's one of the beautiful color variations, like Amethyst (purple quartz), the classic crystal clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz (brown to black), or Green Quartz.

All of these variations on the theme of Quartz have been used in stone magick for literally thousands of years. Both clear Quartz crystal and Green Quartz are highly honored in gem folklore for their use in drawing money and prosperity, or changing your luck for the better.

Maybe it's time you gave that little bag of gravel from the dollar store a second look. You never know what you might find.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Know Your Prosperity Stones #8: River Pebbles

Pebbles from Lake Erie by Amethyst Qu

You can spend as little or as much as you want on the stones you use for prosperity magick.  In my book Crystal Cash: Fast Easy Money Magick Using Popular Stones I tried to exercise some awareness about where people are coming from.  If you're already dripping in diamonds, you probably aren't seeking out a magickal source of help to change your financial condition.

So I assume that most newbies to Crystal Magick are looking for inexpensive, fast-working stones they can easily find at a low cost.  

In my opinion, one of the most legitimate reasons for using magick is to even the score. We all know that some people are born with more.  You can work hard and study hard, but the rich person can work hard and study hard and not have to have a side job.  They have an advantage. Nobody has more than 24 hours in a day, but they have a nanny while we have a double-shift.  So sometimes we may feel a need to resort to magick because otherwise we're never going to catch up. 

And that's a perfectly fine use of magick.  It is not wrong to want your share of the beautiful things and experiences this life has to offer.  We are here to appreciate the beauty of this world. 

Using magick to play catch-up is an ancient use of these tools  -- and probably one of the reasons that the rich and powerful sometimes feared and hated the humble village magick worker.

But it isn't always easy.  

In fact it's hard -- very hard -- to get out of your own way to develop a prosperity mindset when you feel you're hopelessly behind.  And that's where the stones come in.

Ever try to sit down and meditate when you're crazy with worry?  Didn't work very well, did it?  You need something to focus on that's outside of yourself.

Stone magick can help you do that.  Stone magick is light and fun and not really considered all that scientific.  It's play.  No pressure.

And what's more "no pressure, no worries" than river pebbles?  The wonderful thing about pebbles found in a stream or river is that they cost nothing, it's fun just to drift along picking and choosing the ones you'll take, and they can fit easily into a pocket, change purse, or medicine bag.  

Some of you have probably seen the five pebble protection spell floating around Pinterest.  There's nothing to it.  Find five pebbles that call to you.  Put 'em in a bag.  Carry 'em in your pocket.  That's it.  And yet you may feel a powerful sense of protection around you.

What does protection have to do with prosperity?  A lot.  If you're anxious and tense, you may be closed to opportunities.  You may be fearful of trying new things.  You may be afraid to meet new people.  The whole world is out there for you, but you're getting in your own way.

To be honest, I don't think you even have to carry five pebbles.  I think it's fine to pick ONE pebble and put it in your pocket.  Pick a stone that feels particularly good against your fingers after being rounded over the ages by the force of water.  Carry it for awhile.  When you feel stressed, hold it or even fiddle with it like a classic worry stone.  I think you'll be pleased. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Amethyst and Smoky Quartz from Diamond Hill, South Carolina

Diamond Hill Smoky/Amethyst Cluster  photos by Peachfront Press

Today I want to take a quick look at an unusual quartz that can be mined in Diamond Hill, South Carolina.  A rock club from Louisiana visited the Diamond Hill Mine, and one of the rock hounds found and brought back this beautiful crystal cluster.  It weighs over 50 pounds so it's a heck of a specimen.  But what's really interesting about it is that it usually looks like Smoky (Blackish) Quartz.

Yet from some angles, in some light, you can definitely see the purple cast of true Amethyst crystals among these stones.  

It is not an easy effect to photograph but maybe you can get a glimpse from this close-up: 

Detail of giant Diamond Hill cluster by Peachfront Press

Hmm.  Or maybe not.  But the smaller crystals in the center bottom have a distinctively purple cast in person.

To me the Diamond Hill crystals are a perfect example of the close relationship between Smoky and Amethyst. In my opinion, they both have a soothing, spiritual, and anti-anxiety kind of energy.  I don't offer healing advice -- that's way beyond my pay grade! -- but personally I think these two stones work very well together and that they have similar (or at least very compatible) energies.

Note:  The particular cluster in the picture may be for sale but only to someone who can arrange to pick it up in southeast Louisiana.  It is too heavy to ship.  But if you'd like more information, please contact Elaine Radford at Peachfront Press.