Wednesday, July 27, 2016

In Search of Brilliant Ideas for Sodalite Stone Tiles

What would you do with these Sodalite tiles? I'm open to ideas.

I'm also collecting a rather large number of earth-tone stone tiles. At one point, we made a stone mosaic birdbath, and the birds just love it. Indeed, the Cardinals use it every day, perhaps because we used a lot of red jasper and bloodstone in the mix, and they feel like the red color is calling to them. This birdbath has stood up well to the weather over the years so I don't need a new one yet.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Crown Chakra Stones: Touching Spirit

The stones of the rainbow chakra take us on a logical path from the material world of the earth and root chakra through the more emotional region of the heart and throat and upward toward the higher spirit. Working with the crown chakra isn't really about connecting with material riches, and many extremely spiritual people are-- let's be real here-- absolutely terrible with money. If a prosperity worker prefers to focus on the lower chakra stones in an effort to attract more wealth, I wouldn't say that she was wrong. However, I personally feel it's important to get out of our own heads from time to time. If you're just thinking money, money, money, I need to get money 24/7, the game of chasing prosperity becomes a grind and a drudgery. Keep it light, keep it a game. Don't let money eat your head, or what's it all for?

So what do we get from meditating with the crown chakra and-- even more so-- from the astral or overhead chakra? Perspective, that's what. We can step out of our own little concerns and experience the big picture. The feeling of mystical unity with the universe may be hard to describe. And it isn't something you're going to be able to turn around and cash in like a lottery ticket. But it's an experience that cleans the psychic dirt out of your pores and lets you remember the beauty of this world.

It's even less practical to wear a stone on the crown chakra than it is on the third eye chakra. When you're meditating on a yoga mat, flat on your back, you can place a crystal above your crown and another about a foot above that. However, for the most part, you won't be wearing the crystal in contact with the physical chakra. And that's fine. This chakra isn't about the physical. It speaks through spirit.

For the crown chakra, I often choose a very pale violet stone like the Amethyst crystal points from Vera Cruz, Mexico. A lot of people do go with a deeper purple like Sujilite, though.

For the overhead chakra, I'm a huge fan of the most mysterious and "spiritual" of the clear Quartz crystals-- double-terminated crystals, elestials, Herkimer diamonds, optical Quartz from Brazil or Arkansas cut into spheres or points or even wands. For some people, the rock crystal skulls do the job, and you can often find reproductions of the original crystal skull floating around for sale. It isn't practical to wear many of these items, but they truly spark the imagination when you keep them around the house as part of your metaphysical mineral collection.

I have now published a complete book containing my thoughts on working with the chakras using crystals to enhance your prosperity. You are free to read this blog online but if you'd like my thoughts all in one convenient place, you can buy the ebook here:

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