Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Waterfall of Light Crystal Meditation audio for you

To celebrate my upcoming book release, and to help you blast away those little clogs that may have stopped you from achieving your greatest good in the past, Peachfront Press has posted an extended meditation audio on their site called "A Waterfall of Light Crystal Meditation."

Grab it here: A Waterfall of Light Crystal Meditation

I like to roll out the yoga mat and relax flat on my back after I've lit a white candle and a favorite incense. I'll have a favorite friendly crystal, usually a clear one like double-terminated Quartz Crystal, resting about a foot over the crown of my head. This meditation does take some time but, performed regularly, it should help you blast through some invisible, unseen blocks that may have stalled you out in the past. Give it a try and see what you think.

In case you missed the sneak preview of my upcoming book, here's that cover reveal again--

Monday, December 5, 2016

Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity now out in paperback

Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity is a no-fluff practical magick book that will show you how to use inexpensive, easy-to-find crystals in all the colors of the rainbow to set free the flow of prosperity into your life-- even if you're a complete beginner to manifesting money.
Amethyst Qu, author of Crystal Cash: Fast, Easy Money Magick Using Popular Stones, will take you by the hand and show you, step by step, what stones you should choose and how to use them in order to attract more wealth. You will learn how to use the natural stone wisdom of the ages to blast through blocks that may have kept you from enjoying your good in the past.

Along the way, the author opens up her own medicine bag to show you the stones she uses herself for such purposes as:
**clearing away emotional blocks to success
**obtaining better readings from divination tools like the I Ching and the Tarot
**energizing the physical body
**manifesting greater prosperity on the material plane

How much richer would you be if you weren't blocking your own path, if you had insight into the future, if you had twice the energy, and if you knew how others were using stone magick to quietly draw more money?

Note: In addition to discussing the seven key chakras-- crown, third eye, throat, heart, belly, solar plexus, and root-- this book provides an in-depth discussion of the two "secret" chakras that most other crystal healing guides ignore.

Get it today:

Prefer to read ebooks? Check out my Amazon previewer here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thankful to be Re-Energized With Crystals!

Who knew it could be so stressful to give thanks? Even the Pilgrims' turkeys were probably more relaxed than the average American who hits the road, consumes multiple feasts, and attends endless mall and online Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales. I like to relax and chill out with my crystals, but I especially like to re-energize by sending red energy to open my root chakra. My publisher's site is now hosting a short audio meditation you too can use for that purpose.

Grab it right here:

A free audio meditation to unclog your root chakra and get back your energy!

By the way, I have a new book coming out real soon. The entire script of the meditation will be in the book, in case you prefer to record it in your voice. There will be tons of other cool crystal worker secrets in there too. Here's a sneak peak at the cover:

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bloodstone, Raw and Uncut

I recently found this photograph of some uncut Bloodstone from India that I sold a few years back, and I thought Crystal Cash readers might get a kick out of it. This friendly, supportive material takes a good polish, and I trust it was turned into some beautiful items. ICYMI, my photographs of polished Bloodstone pieces can still be found online.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Know Your Prosperity Stones #13: Banded Hematite

One of my favorite stones for manifesting is an iron-rich stone banded in red and silver streaks of Hematite. This stone of many names is sometimes called Banded Hematite or Banded Jasper. If you've read my books, you already know the pure silvery Hematite has frequently been used by crystal workers to absorb and neutralize negative energy. In combination with the red, this banded version of Hematite seems custom-designed by nature to encourage the safe awakening of your ability to manifest good things on the material plane. You're open to the positive, and you're closed to the negative. Perfect.

In addition to carrying this stone in your pocket, feel free to place objects like spheres or obelisks made of this material on display in your home. They look striking, like works of art. No one has to know they're quietly working in the background to empower your dreams.

Note: Banded Hematite Image adapted from a photo by James St. John via Flickr under a CC 2.0 license

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Know Your Prosperity Stones #12: The Mystery of Moldavite

This bottle-green gem is a controversial and yet potentially invaluable stone used to open your heart chakra. It can bring up some powerful emotions, and it's entirely up to you whether you feel comfortable using it. Genuine Moldavite is a natural glass that may have been formed when a meteor struck the earth roughly 14.3 to 14.5 million years ago, leaving behind a huge impact crater called Nördlinger Ries in modern-day western Bavaria, Germany.

Humans make glass from melting and fusing sand, and apparently meteors do it the same way. Scientists believe Moldavite was formed when the Nördlinger Ries meteor slammed into the earth, striking a layer of sand with such force the sand was blasted high into the atmosphere, instantly melting and then fusing into raindrop-shaped stones as it fell back to earth. The formation of this natural glass must have been a dramatic event indeed, since Moldavites have been found up to 280 miles away from the original impact crater.

Genuine Moldavite is glass, but the name Moldavite should only be used for the natural bottle-green tektites (as this kind of natural glass is called) that formed as result of the Nördlinger Ries impact. Alas, there seems to be more Moldavite on the market than could have possibly rained down during the meteor storm in question. In recent years, I've heard numerous accusations that people are creating fake Moldavite by pouring modern green glass of the right color into molds. Unfortunately, that's probably pretty easy to do, since there's nothing easier for humans to make than green glass. Just ask the fine folks at the Coca-Cola company.

If you feel uncertain about this stone or your sources, you may want to pass on this one. However, the stone is not terribly rare, so it's certainly possible for you to find some Moldavite from a trusted source. Assuming you already own this stone, you may be wondering how it could help you grow your wealth.

Think about it like this. Many, if not most, people in the New Age ask this stone to remove secret hurts in their hearts that might be holding them back. If you feel like you keep getting in your own way, if an emotional or psychological block is causing you to sabotage your own success, wearing this stone at the level of your heart might help you figure out why you're doing that and how to stop.
But be warned.

Wear it in a quiet, peaceful, private place the first time, because you may become aware of some powerful emotional pain in your heart. You may have been blocking your own heart chakra in order to avoid that pain, and now that you can't avoid it any more, you may cry a little before it all flows out.

Note: Photo by James St. John via Flickr under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

Photo courtesy Peachfront Press-- You can see a 14-kt gold wire-wrapped Moldavite on the upper right.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Know Your Prosperity Stones # 11: Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst is an inexpensive, easily tumble-polished stone that is sometimes called Banded Amethyst for the pattern of white and purple chevron (V-shaped or shield-shaped) stripes. Over the years I've swapped or sold hundreds of pounds of it, although I've held back a small amount for my personal use.

The photograph shows a large, uncut Chevron Amethyst "tooth" as well as a number of polished stones we recently pulled out of the tumbler at Peachfront Press.

Amethyst isn't always the first stone that comes to mind these days when we talk about prosperity workings, and I have to ask why. In days of old, purple was the royal color, and Amethyst was a stone associated with kings. I've heard a theory that the large Amethyst finds in South America during the Age of Exploration caused the perceived value of the stone to fall in price, especially compared to ancient times when it was considered to be a precious gem. Now, like other Quartz stones, it is truly one of the most affordable and accessible gems.

And Chevron Amethyst can be the most affordable version of all, since it frequently appears as a small tumbled stone in rock shops where it is often sold for a dollar or two. It's a friendly stone with an accessible vibe, available to all and not in the least bit snobby despite Amethyst's ancient association with royalty.

Can it open the third eye and help you gain insight into real-world financial situations? Well, yes and no. It isn't going to take over the job of balancing the checkbook or reviewing your accountant's spreadsheets. But I believe if you keep it near, perhaps as a pocket stone, you may quietly gain a new clarity of thought. Try it and see. The price is certainly right.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Mystery Agate in Peach and Purple

We've been diving deep over the last few months at Peachfront Press, and we'll soon have exciting news about the upcoming book, as well as supporting audio meditations. When you experiment with crystal magick, you can't take any shortcuts. There's a lot of working the stones to see what results you get-- a lot of tinkering and adjustments, a lot of trial and error.

Here's an interesting batch of peach and purple Agates from an unknown source that we recently pulled out of the tumbler. The peachy / orange color combined with purple speaks to me in mysterious ways, but I'm not sure yet what the message is. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any suggestions.

The oddly harmonious blend of peachy orange and lavender seems to stimulate the imagination... but to what purpose? Only time and testing will tell.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Blue Lace Agate: The Calm in the Storm

Thought for the day: Sometimes we get so rushed doing the urgent that we don't get around to the important. It may not be an original thought, but it's a timely one. I mostly talk about prosperity stones, but everything is connected, and it's hard to feel prosperous when we feel hurried. Time is, after all, the greatest of all luxuries.

To support a calm environment and to gather scattered thoughts back under control, try placing the beautiful Blue Lace Agate on your desk or on your heart, throat, or "third eye" spot during your next crystal meditation session. Even the look of it is soothing.

Thanks to Peachfront Press for the collection of hand-cut polished Blue Lace Agate flats. Image copyright 2015 Peachfront Press.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

SIngle Terminated vs. Double Terminated Quartz

Here are two super clear Arkansas Quartz all-natural, uncut crystals that I collected many years ago. If you're a beginner to crystals, you can see at a glance what the difference is between single-terminated and double-terminated crystals. The double-terminated crystal at the top of the photo grew a natural point on BOTH ends, instead of just on ONE end.

Welcome if you came to this page by reading my book, Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity. If you haven't read it yet, by all means check it out.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

In Search of Brilliant Ideas for Sodalite Stone Tiles

What would you do with these Sodalite tiles? I'm open to ideas.

I'm also collecting a rather large number of earth-tone stone tiles. At one point, we made a stone mosaic birdbath, and the birds just love it. Indeed, the Cardinals use it every day, perhaps because we used a lot of red jasper and bloodstone in the mix, and they feel like the red color is calling to them. This birdbath has stood up well to the weather over the years so I don't need a new one yet.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Crown Chakra Stones: Touching Spirit

The stones of the rainbow chakra take us on a logical path from the material world of the earth and root chakra through the more emotional region of the heart and throat and upward toward the higher spirit. Working with the crown chakra isn't really about connecting with material riches, and many extremely spiritual people are-- let's be real here-- absolutely terrible with money. If a prosperity worker prefers to focus on the lower chakra stones in an effort to attract more wealth, I wouldn't say that she was wrong. However, I personally feel it's important to get out of our own heads from time to time. If you're just thinking money, money, money, I need to get money 24/7, the game of chasing prosperity becomes a grind and a drudgery. Keep it light, keep it a game. Don't let money eat your head, or what's it all for?

So what do we get from meditating with the crown chakra and-- even more so-- from the astral or overhead chakra? Perspective, that's what. We can step out of our own little concerns and experience the big picture. The feeling of mystical unity with the universe may be hard to describe. And it isn't something you're going to be able to turn around and cash in like a lottery ticket. But it's an experience that cleans the psychic dirt out of your pores and lets you remember the beauty of this world.

It's even less practical to wear a stone on the crown chakra than it is on the third eye chakra. When you're meditating on a yoga mat, flat on your back, you can place a crystal above your crown and another about a foot above that. However, for the most part, you won't be wearing the crystal in contact with the physical chakra. And that's fine. This chakra isn't about the physical. It speaks through spirit.

For the crown chakra, I often choose a very pale violet stone like the Amethyst crystal points from Vera Cruz, Mexico. A lot of people do go with a deeper purple like Sujilite, though.

For the overhead chakra, I'm a huge fan of the most mysterious and "spiritual" of the clear Quartz crystals-- double-terminated crystals, elestials, Herkimer diamonds, optical Quartz from Brazil or Arkansas cut into spheres or points or even wands. For some people, the rock crystal skulls do the job, and you can often find reproductions of the original crystal skull floating around for sale. It isn't practical to wear many of these items, but they truly spark the imagination when you keep them around the house as part of your metaphysical mineral collection.

I have now published a complete book containing my thoughts on working with the chakras using crystals to enhance your prosperity. You are free to read this blog online but if you'd like my thoughts all in one convenient place, you can buy the ebook here:

You can buy the paperback here:

Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity

More Arkansas Quartz from the Peachfront Press collection:

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Third Eye Chakra Stones: See the Truth

How much money would you have saved if you could see the future? We've all made stupid purchases. Most of us have made bad investments. Even rich people with a flock of advisers around them end up falling for the Enrons or the Bernie Madoffs out there. You can work all the prosperity magick and draw all the cash flow in the world, but if you've got a leaky bucket that lets the money flow right back out into the gutter again... you've got a problem.

We work with the third eye chakra-- that spot in the middle of your forehead between and somewhat above your physical eyes-- to gain insight into what's happening around us and, often, into what might be happening in the future. You can get into endless debates about whether or not we have free will or whether our lives are determined by fate. I tend to think that there is little purpose to magick if you can't influence your fate. We want to clear the third eye and see into the future so we can change the things we don't like.

It's fairly impractical to wear a stone on the third eye for any length of time, and maybe that's as it should be. Most of the time, we need to focus on the now. However, when you need a look ahead, try meditating on a yoga mat flat on your back with an amethyst point or a flourite cube resting on your third eye for the duration of the meditation. The rest of the time, I don't actually have the third eye stone in physical contact with my third eye. Instead, I keep a small tumbled Amethyst or crystal point Amethyst in my pocket or medicine bag, while I will place a larger Amethyst sphere (a so-called "crystal" ball) near my divination tools like my Tarot cards.

As you can probably tell, I'm all about the Amethyst for working with this chakra. But there are many others you can use.

For example: Another stone I have on my desk to influence me every day is a large first-sized purple flourite crystal. Many magickal workers feel this is a quite intellectual stone, and it encourages me to make better decisions based on information I already have. Most of the time, when we're presented with some incredible investment "opportunity," we do have enough information to know it's a scam. Not all of the time. I honestly don't know how the Madoff victims could have been expected to know, since he had such sterling credentials. But, most of the time, if something sounds too good to be true, we know what we should do. Get calm, get away from the emotions and into the intellect, and ask yourself sincerely if the potential pain of financial loss is worth the potential gain. Meditating with a somewhat "intellectual" stone like Flourite can be a great way to do that.

I have now published a complete book containing my thoughts on working with the chakras using crystals to enhance your prosperity. You are free to read this blog online but if you'd like my thoughts all in one convenient place, you can buy the ebook here:

You can buy the paperback here:

Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity

More fine specimens of natural Amethyst from the Peachfront Press collection:

Chevron Amethyst--

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Throat Chakra Stones: Speak Your Truth

We all tend to wear stones quite frequently at the level of our throat chakras. The shorter necklaces often have pendants that fall at this level, and the true chokers unavoidably hug the throat. We're probably going to be wearing pendants on a neck chain anyway, so why not choose stones that support our prosperity magick?

Under the New Age rainbow chakra system, the throat responds to the frequency of pure blue light, giving us the power to communicate clearly and effectively. Being able to speak your truth and be heard is a key skill for any prosperity seeker. The ability to communicate is life or death for anybody in sales-- and these days who among us doesn't have to sell others on our knowledge and skills at least sometimes?

Of course, for the past few centuries, we often "speak" through our writing. That's fine. Many workers have reported that using celestite (a pale blue crystal) really helps the words flow out when they're writing. I have a celestite crystal cluster on my desk to support my writing, and I'm absolutely convinced that it works for me. Why not give it a try? Flourite is another classic stone for this purpose. I have a Flourite slab in shades of teal blue but you'll also find this particular crystal in several other colors, most notably purple and yellow.

There are so many classic blue stones that it's impossible to discuss them all in a single article but I'll mention a few that you may already have in your jewelry box-- turquoise, blue topaz, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, or even blue sapphire. (The blue topaz is likely to be treated to deepen the color, and the blue sapphire may be a lab-created stone.) A stone I often wear at the throat is called azurite-malachite, a relative of turquoise that is both deep blue (the azurite) and green (the malachite). I happen to wear it set in silver on a shorter chain to hold the stone at my throat, but with those colors, it does blend the powers of the heart and the throat chakra. Sometimes, when we try to communicate on a deep level, emotion may come up from the heart to fuel our words. Whether that is for good or for ill depends a lot on how well you channel your energies-- and your words. Speak with power, and you could change your world.

Mother Nature loves the color blue, and there are also some extremely common, inexpensive blue stones that you can choose. Blue lace, amazonite, and sodalite can often be found sold as small tumbled stones for as little as $1. If nothing else, you can always slip one of these stones into your pocket when you're working to improve your communication skills and to open your throat chakra so you can speak clearly.

I have now published a complete book containing my thoughts on working with the chakras using crystals to enhance your prosperity. You are free to read this blog online but if you'd like my thoughts all in one convenient place, you can buy the ebook here:

You can buy the paperback here:

Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity

How about a better look at the Celestite Cluster from the Peachfront Press collection?

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Green and Pink: Stones of the Heart Chakra

I've talked a lot about how to use Green Aventurine, Moss Agate, and Emeralds in Crystal Cash: Fast Easy Money Magick Using Popular Stones, since they're truly some of the classic crystals of prosperity working. However, in any discussion of the heart chakra, we become aware that there are many, many other stones that people have used to open their hearts to receive love from the universe. If you truly feel loved and cared for, you may be far more open to receiving material evidence of that love.

Rose Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline, and Pink Tourmaline are so powerful that I plan to eventually devote a post to each of them. For now, let's take a quick look at some of the stones in the photo that you might not have tried before to support your heart chakra-- and maybe bring a little more growth and prosperity into your life.

The sphere is an interesting item owned by Peachfront Press and originally hand-crafted by spheremaker Jim Meeker. Unakite is a pink and green granite, so it combines the classic colors of the heart chakra (which are the classic colors of spring) with the down-to-earth stability of ancient granite. You'll get some debate about how different people use this stone metaphysically. But, for me, I think it's a good one to focus on bringing the love down to earth, where we can feel and bask in it. You can often find pocket tumbles of this material for $1. It's a nice one to carry and let it work on your aura while you're not even thinking about it.

Watermelon Ruby is a stone I've touched on before, both in this blog and in Crystal Cash. In short, it's a natural Ruby crystal (not usually gem grade) growing in a softer green material. I like to wear it on a lace or a chain just long enough to let it fall to my heart.

Ah, and the Moldavite. There's a controversial stone for you. The piece in the photo was purchased and bought around 1990 as an unworked teardrop of this natural stone. In recent years, there has been a scandal, with numerous accusations that people are creating fake Moldavite by pouring modern green glass of the right color into molds. Unfortunately, that's probably pretty easy to do, since Moldavite is NOT a crystal but instead a natural glass that formed from volcanic lava. You may want to be very choosy about where you buy your Moldavite, since it can be fairly pricey. I do have a few tiny pieces left, which I may feature in some upcoming giveaways.

As for its purpose... well, I was always told that it could remove secret hurts in your heart that might be holding you back. Sometimes people get very emotional the first time they wear a Moldavite. If you feel like you keep getting in your own way, you may want to experiment with this one. But be warned. I was told that you should wear it in a quiet, peaceful, private place the first time. Later on, after it has spoken to you, and you're really just wearing it for pretty, then you don't have to be so cautious. But in the beginning, if you think you might be digging into some deep emotional blocks, you may want to use caution. I don't remember digging up any great dragons from the depths when I experimented, but it's still just as well to take care. If nothing else, you may gain some interesting insight into why you do certain things that block your own path to greater riches.

I have now published a complete book containing my thoughts on working with the chakras using crystals to enhance your prosperity. You are free to read this blog online but if you'd like my thoughts all in one convenient place, you can buy the ebook here:

You can buy the paperback here:

Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity

Malachite is another favorite for the heart chakra. Here are a couple of specimens from the Peachfront Press collection:

Rose Quartz, a classic--

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Citrine: That Golden Glow of Insight

Citrine is the next quick stop on my tour of the chakra rainbow of stones you'll find in my medicine bag to support my prosperity. In fact, I use a number of golden stones including Imperial Topaz and Yellow Flourite. But I return again and again to Citrine, because it is a classic Quartz crystal well-known to the ancients and easily found at an inexpensive price even today. Everyone might not be able to afford an Imperial Topaz when they're at the start of their prosperity seeker's journey, but you can find Citrine for almost every budget. For instance, the faceted Citrine in my photo has wonderful clarity but somewhat uneven color-- with the deepest yellow fading to almost-clear optical quartz. Because of the uneven color, this lovely gem cost (I think) around $25.

Oh, and that backdrop? That's an inexpensive Citrine cluster which was heated to deepen its color.

Gold or yellow, the color of the sun at noon, is associated with intellectual clarity. Although I often wear the wire-wrapped Citrine on a chain, I like to place it on my solar plexus when I'm focusing on a third chakra meditation to remove mental blocks. Let your thoughts and dreams flow. Let the images flow without fear. That's often the key to unblocking your creativity.

The other stone in the photo, Amber, isn't a traditional gem. It was once a living thing, the sap from a tree that formed a natural resin to trap the insect within. I can talk for hours about the metaphysical properties and magickal history of Amber. For now, consider this: I find I can use it for both belly and solar chakra meditations and working, perhaps because of the vitality of the ancient life force trapped within. And I have to admit that the mystery of the ancient forest represented by this stone awakens my imagination. Try it and see. You may enjoy some interesting dreams.

I have now published a complete book containing my thoughts on working with the chakras using crystals to enhance your prosperity. You are free to read this blog online but if you'd like my thoughts all in one convenient place, you can buy the ebook here:

You can buy the paperback here:

Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Carnelian and Brazil Agate Breathe Deep, Create Truth

Orange carnelian -- and its popular cousin, Brazilian Agate, which often contains beautiful deep orange carnelian -- is one of my favorite stones to balance the so-called belly chakra. I don't want dive too deeply into the physical healing aspects of crystal magick, because I feel like you need an expert there live and in person for that stuff, but I'll mention that when I was suffering from multiple respiratory issues like allergy and frequent colds, I started wearing these orange stones to remind me to breathe all the way down to my diaphragm. "Health is wealth," as they say, and a strong, well-balanced belly chakra supports the energy and vitality you need to pursue prosperity.

How many supposedly lazy people are really just plain tired? Without energy, you can have all the desire and motivation to succeed in the world, but you won't be able to get the work done. For a quick burst of energy, try wearing a string of carnelian beads or holding a tumble-polished carnelian in your hand. Breathe deep, all the way down, until you feel the bottom of your lungs and down to your diaphragm to expand your belly. Visualize an orange light in your belly, a strong spark of fire that will build to a blaze to fuel your day.

I also wore a carnelian ring until it broke-- a sign that it served its purpose and was ready to be returned to the earth.

I have now published a complete book containing my thoughts on working with the chakras using crystals to enhance your prosperity. You are free to read this blog online but if you'd like my thoughts all in one convenient place, you can buy the ebook here:

You can buy the paperback here:

Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Smoky Quartz and Black Obsidian: Feet on the Ground, Head in the Stars

In my last post, I talked a little bit about how you can use the traditional rainbow colors to help you develop  a stone meditation kit . It may seem a little out there, but I've found that you have to get out of your own way and just let the magic happen when you're working with stones. I won't try to explain how a crystal can capture the imagination. Nobody can explain that. We just know that it does.  You're focusing on the beauty of the stones, rather than your own issues.

Today I'd like to take a closer look at the "grounding" end of the rainbow. There are certain "dark" stones that many peoples all over the world have traditionally used to blast through negativity or to ward it off in the first place. Smoky Quartz, in particular, seems to be a very sympathetic stone. Need to be a little more chill? Try placing a large Smoky Quartz anywhere you need a little more peace in your environment. Smaller Smoky Quartz can be worn as jewelry or carried in your pocket.

By the way, Smoky Topaz is just an old-time jewelry store name, before the laws about truth in labeling were really enforced the way they are now. Your grandmother's Smoky Topaz? It's Smoky Quartz. And that's fine. It's a great stone. It's actually a blessing that it's so inexpensive because it means that it is widely available to anyone who would like to use it.

A lot of people also work with Obsidian, especially Black Obsidian like the famous Apache Tears. I like it for a pocket stone, but make sure you wrap it well in a silk or satin bag. Obsidian is volcanic glass-- naturally formed from lava flows. Since it doesn't have a crystalline structure, it scratches quite easily, just like manmade glass.  From time to time, I have scratched a pocket Obsidian, which I take as a sign that I need to put it on the "to do" list to go back in the tumbler.

If you squint at my photo down below of some of my tumbled black stones, you'll see a reddish and black Obsidian on the left side of the photo. That's Mahogany Obsidian-- also a good lower grounding or root chakra stone. I may have a lot more to say about it in a later post. 

I have now published a complete book containing my thoughts on working with the chakras using crystals to enhance your prosperity. You are free to read this blog online but if you'd like my thoughts all in one convenient place, you can buy the ebook here:

You can buy the paperback here:

Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Stone Meditation Kit: A Peek Inside

Want a look inside my rough-and-tumble meditation kit? I like to include a variety of stones, in a variety of forms, so that I'm ready to go wherever my intuition and my creativity may lead.  I like to choose between beads, faceted stones, cabochons, tumbled stones, and even 100% all-natural crystals.

If you're not sure where to start with your crystal meditation, here's a suggestion I like. There are seven colors of the traditional rainbow, which corresponds to the traditional New Age Chakras. I also like to have two more stones, one at my feet and one over my head. That's a total of nine stones to place on the chakras for the meditation. The honorary "colors" of clear/light and grounded/dark are placed at the ends of the traditional ROYGBIV rainbow of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Make sense?  It goes something like this:

Overhead -- a white or clear crystal like the Herkimer Diamond or another high quality quartz
The crown chakra -- a Violet stone like this Amethyst Crystal from Vera Cruz, Mexico
The "third eye"  -- an Indigo(ish) stone like this North Carolina Ruby
The throat chakra -- a Blue stone like this Sodalite
The heart chakra -- a Green stone like this Malachite
The solar plexus -- a Yellow or Golden stone like the faceted Citrine from Brazil
The belly chakra -- an Orange stone like this Carnelian
The root chakra -- a Red stone like this Banded Hematite
Grounding -- a black stone like this faceted Smoky Quartz also from Brazil

I have now published a complete book containing my thoughts on working with the chakras using crystals to enhance your prosperity. You are free to read this blog online but if you'd like my thoughts all in one convenient place, you can buy the ebook here:

You can buy the paperback here:

Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity

Photo Notes:  Stones from the Peachfront Press collection, copyright 2016, all rights reserved

Monday, February 29, 2016

Peek Inside Some Crystal Books for Free

My books are meant to be short, actionable guides aimed at the prosperity worker.

But there are many other good books out there with a more general focus. Here are some of my favorites:

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Topaz: Stay the Course

A little while ago I got tweeted one of those stone magick tips which informed me that Imperial Topaz is a good choice to wear or carry if you are meeting a lot of resistance and you need courage to stay the course. There's no doubt that this is a traditional use of this stone.  Topaz has always been there to support your courage and your determination on the path to ultimate victory.

If you are certain that your path is righteous, then go ahead. Slip this stone in your pocket, or wear it in a ring, and stay true to your course.

But what if...?  Sometimes, the reason we're getting a lot of roadblocks in our path is because fate or higher spirit is trying to tell us that we're on the wrong road to begin with. Sometimes your best move to find your good is to get off the wrong road and start heading in a more positive direction. How do you know?

I'm not a big believer in just "programming" a stone to do what you already have in your mind is the right thing to do. Sometimes you need to calm your mind, put your pre-conceived ideas out of your head, and let the stones (or another magickal tool) suggest what you should be doing.

I've tried a lot of different techniques to get insight and direction from the universe outside of me. Tarot, astrology, the Ruins, etc... some of these work better for me than others. Again and again, I have returned to the Tarot. Try resting your cards with a small Amethyst and a small Quartz crystal on top of their box for a few days before you do a reading. You might be amazed.

I've also put together a stone Tarot kit that I use from time to time for quick readings. Maybe in a future post I'll photograph my kit and show you how it works.

Photo Credit: Imperial Topaz photo by Karen Neoh under a CC by 2.0 license

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Neon Blue Apatite-- The Experiment Begins

If you're read my book Crystal Cash: Fast Easy Money Magick Using Popular Stones-- and if you haven't, what are you waiting for? -- then you know that my special gift seems to be prosperity workings. Maybe not "win the lottery" levels of abundance, but I seem to do OK with drawing in unexpected sources of money. I've had a lot of fun playing with the old stone folklore. It just seems to come naturally to me.

However, there's a lot of old stone folklore. Drawing financial security and prosperity is just one part of a balanced life. There's also a lot of folklore that deals with drawing love or health or long life. As it happens, someone sent me a big package of Neon Blue Apatite. As far as I know, it isn't a prosperity stone. So I'm open to insights and experiences about what people are doing with this stone.

As far as I know, Neon Blue Apatite wasn't identified as a separate crystal during ancient times. Any stone worker cutting it would quickly figure out it was much softer than sapphire, but that doesn't seem to mean that anybody knew what it was. In fact, I just read that the word "apatite" came from a Greek word for cheating stone, since evidently apatite was sold as a more valuable stone and thus just succeeded in getting the buyers/stonecutters really peeved off. Uh oh. Doesn't mean the stone is no good. It's beautiful. Just means that people got burned, and thus they formed some unpleasant associations with it.

If you have any information about positive ancient uses of this stone, please give me a shout on Twitter
But for now, I'm going with the assumption that the positive uses of this beautiful teal-colored stone were discovered by workers in the 20 and 21st centuries.

Here are some of the uses people have reported for their Neon Blue Apatite:

*Meditate with the stone on your "third eye" chakra or keep it on your desk when you're working or studying online to help you focus. I've used flourite (an even softer stone that comes in purple, blue, and yellow) for a similar purpose, but haven't yet tried it with apatite.

*Throat chakra for speaking truth. "Speaking" in modern times can, of course, include writing or blogging. Anything you use to get the word out. You could wear it on a chain at your throat. Or, again, meditate with the stone on your throat chakra.

*Psychic development. Really need to communicate with someone at a distance? In the era of the smartphone, you may question why we "need" telepathy to send mental messages when we can instantly send a text. Trust me. There are situations where you really, truly can't send a text for whatever reason. It could be cool to experiment with this one. Hey, you never know.

*Some people say it helps with lucid dreaming too. I've tried to get away from lucid (controlled) dreaming and let my dreams "happen" a little more than I was doing in the past, but I'd like to hear other people's thoughts on that too.

*Weight loss. I've read of people using it as a pocket stone, but I'd put it in a little protective silk or velvet bag first, since it's fairly soft with a Mohs hardness of 5, so it's possible to scratch it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What's (Lucky) In YOUR Wallet?

I thought it would be fun to dump out my coin purse to give you a look at what's in MY wallet. Here are the stones and luck items I trust to help me draw prosperity every single day. If you have read my books, Crystal Cash Spells and the original Crystal Cash: Fast Easy Money Magick Using Popular Stones, then you are probably not too surprised to see the Green Aventurine, Bloodstone, and Quartz Crystal point in that mixed bag of luck items. (And if you haven't read those books, why not? Crystal Cash Spells is a super-short book that I put out for free, so try it if you want a taste first.) I actually ended up with a couple of Aventurine pebbles because, well, just because. If one Green Aventurine is lucky, then two Aventurines are double the luck, right?

Bloodstone may not be as widely celebrated for its place as a prosperity stone, but it's a strong stone that you probably won't be willing to do without once you've played with it a little.

Arkansas Quartz Crystal is, of course, the classic all-purpose stone ready to accept any positive intention-- and, in this case, it's intended to multiply whatever money happens to come into its aura.

The Japanese coin is a bit of urban folklore, based on a legend I heard that "holey" Japanese coins were lucky.

The four leaf clover is a charm I found that seemed perfect for the job. In days gone by, I've found and dried four leaf clovers from the lawn between the pages of a book. When it's nice and dry, you can put it in your wallet with your paper money. Eventually it crumples away or just disappears, so you have to keep replacing it fairly often. But that's good too. It keeps you focused on a positive mentality where you're always looking for four leaf clovers-- the lucky side of life.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Green Aventurine Prosperity in 2016

The very first object I brought in my house this year was this five pound mega-whopper Green Aventurine. It's a classic specimen, a soft "money" green with lots of gold flash that comes from included mica crystals. But it's more than an oversized addition to the mineral collection. It's a magnet on the metaphysical level, meant to draw plenty of new money into my house.

Here's a question. Is it more important to release your hopes for the stone and sort of forget it's there and let it do its magick?

Or should you visit with the stone every day, maybe repeating a short affirmation of its purpose? "My green aventurine super-crystal is a true money magnet pulling ever more and more money into the home."

Hmm. Most of the time, I prefer to "set it and forget it." I feel like if I have to keep affirming, if I have to keep "reminding" the stone of what it's supposed to do, I'm demonstrating a lack of trust in the magickal process. I find, for me, it's important to get out of the way and just let the magick happen.

But different techniques work for different people. If you've been carrying aventurine as a pocket stone for awhile-- long enough to mostly forget it's there-- and you still haven't seen much change in your financial outlook, there's nothing wrong with purifying the stone and starting over with a new technique.