Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Citrine: That Golden Glow of Insight

Citrine is the next quick stop on my tour of the chakra rainbow of stones you'll find in my medicine bag to support my prosperity. In fact, I use a number of golden stones including Imperial Topaz and Yellow Flourite. But I return again and again to Citrine, because it is a classic Quartz crystal well-known to the ancients and easily found at an inexpensive price even today. Everyone might not be able to afford an Imperial Topaz when they're at the start of their prosperity seeker's journey, but you can find Citrine for almost every budget. For instance, the faceted Citrine in my photo has wonderful clarity but somewhat uneven color-- with the deepest yellow fading to almost-clear optical quartz. Because of the uneven color, this lovely gem cost (I think) around $25.

Oh, and that backdrop? That's an inexpensive Citrine cluster which was heated to deepen its color.

Gold or yellow, the color of the sun at noon, is associated with intellectual clarity. Although I often wear the wire-wrapped Citrine on a chain, I like to place it on my solar plexus when I'm focusing on a third chakra meditation to remove mental blocks. Let your thoughts and dreams flow. Let the images flow without fear. That's often the key to unblocking your creativity.

The other stone in the photo, Amber, isn't a traditional gem. It was once a living thing, the sap from a tree that formed a natural resin to trap the insect within. I can talk for hours about the metaphysical properties and magickal history of Amber. For now, consider this: I find I can use it for both belly and solar chakra meditations and working, perhaps because of the vitality of the ancient life force trapped within. And I have to admit that the mystery of the ancient forest represented by this stone awakens my imagination. Try it and see. You may enjoy some interesting dreams.

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