Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Know Your Prosperity Stones #10: Topaz, including Imperial Topaz

Natural topaz crystals can grow to an impressive size, as you can see from this photograph taken in the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum-- a good place to get lost for hours admiring all the fine crystals and cut gemstones held in one of America's premier museums. Yes, that's a natural crystal-- although you can also see some humongous faceted topaz in the same place. Wowsers.

Throughout most of time and history, the stone honored as gem grade topaz was the golden or peachy-golden stuff known as Imperial Topaz. If it comes by its color naturally, it can be a very pricey stone. However, as it happens, a lot of Topaz grows naturally as a large, clear stone that can be treated to take on other colors. For whatever reason, blue Topaz took off as the most popular color some decades ago-- and I'm betting that most of the Topaz you see even today will be the blue stuff. In fact, you can often find faceted blue Topaz at some very reasonable prices for setting in jewelry.

As a result, most of the Topaz I've worn and worked with comes in two categories.

*Uncut natural crystals-- I have a small number of natural Imperial Topaz crystals not quite clear enough to be cut as gems and several more large, crystal clear "white" Topaz crystals that cost so little I may experiment with cutting them myself one day.

*Faceted topaz set in jewelry-- blue and teal Topaz pieces set in yellow or white gold

According to most gemstone folklore, Topaz is a particularly powerful birthstone for November or Scorpio babies. However, the golden tones of Topaz (Imperial Topaz and its close relatives like American Golden Topaz) can be used to attract wealth and a prosperity mindset no matter what your star sign might be.

So which do I prefer to use in my prosperity workings? To be honest, I see no reason to choose. I use them both. I frequently wear the blue Topaz, while I prefer to use the golden or clear Topaz crystals in gemstone grids or as pocket pieces. But, if I was forced to choose, I will admit that I seem to feel a little more "magick" vibrating from my Imperial Topaz crystals. They seem to know that they're truly something special.

One of my favorite crystal magick books is Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, & Metal Magick" because he collected so much folklore from different traditions and kind of tossed them all in a bucket where you could find and experiment with them for yourself. He suggested that you get an equal number of Topaz crystals and Tiger Eyes. Purify them and then "empower" them with your purpose of drawing wealth. Put them around a green candle. Let it burn while visualizing the wealth coming to you.

An even easier but related technique that I tried was to put three or four Imperial Topaz crystals and three or four tumble polished tiger eyes in a small satin or felt bag that I could wear in my pocket. This technique allows me to forget that the crystals are working for me, so that my conscious mind can get out of its own way and let the magick do its thing.

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Imperial Topaz photo by Karen Neoh under a CC by 2.0 license