Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Crystal Spheres and Marbles

A sphere or even a marble can be a calming way to appreciate the beauty and metaphysics of a stone. The marbles can even be carried in a pocket, worried in the palm of your hand, or slipped into a small medicine bag. Spheres are most often associated with the ability to divine the future, and you would most often want to use a clear Quartz crystal or (perhaps) an Amethyst sphere for that purpose. However, many a sphere that appears to be innocently sitting on a shelf looking beautiful is also serving a dual purpose of attracting positive energies into the environment.

Peachfront Press has a very large collection of spheres, marbles, and even a few eggs. Here are just a few to suggest the possibilities.

Hematite & Pyrite--

The mysterious Louisiana Opal (the mine is now closed)

Ocean Jasper of Madagascar


Red Rutile in Quartz--

Star Rose Quartz--

Ruby & Amber--

Rutile in Quartz--

Very Light Smoky Quartz--

Botswana Agate, A Protective Influence

Agates were highly prized by the ancients. Too often, the modern human looks at a stone and decides its value on the basis of its price. Agate? Bah. They'd rather have a diamond. Yet, it is often the inexpensive agate that's more useful in a magickal working.

When you cut a raw Botswana Agate, you may find an "eye" inside-- an emblem of protection against evil. We have also found Amethyst inside, a crystal highly regarded for its power to improve your insight and your ability to divine the future. When we think of prosperity stones, we often think about stones that draw money like a magnet, with Lodestone being the classic example. However, we should also think about the stones that protect and defend us from problems, big and small, that would otherwise drain our bank account. Botswana Agate is a good stone to have in your pocket when you need a protector.

Here are some stones cut for the Peachfront Press collection:

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Petrified Wood, Transform and Preserve

Another picture post, although there is a lot I could see on the topic of Petrified Wood, a genuine fossil which began as a tree and ended up being replaced, cell by cell, with stone. From ancient times, people wondered about the mysteries of fossils and shared many myths and visions about them. Even without benefit of modern science, it's obvious a once-living tree has been transformed into eternal stone. The metaphysical symbolism is endless... Wealth seekers in particular might carry this stone to remind them to chase permanent wealth, rather than flash-in-the-pan opportunities that may, or may not, pan out...

Here are some specimens from the Peachfront Press collection.

Pyrite, Fool's Gold for the Smart Magick Worker

Pyrite, so-called Fool's Gold, can be a good crystal to collect, both for magickal / metaphysical purposes and simply because it's beautiful, which makes it inspiring. Because it resembles the color of gold, under the principle of "like attracts like," it can be carried or placed in the home to attract real gold. Here are some specimens from the Peachfront Press collection.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Opalized Petrified Wood ("Opal Wood") from George, Washington

A good stone for meditation and also for sphere making, this petrified wood mineralized as common opal belongs to the Peachfront Press collection... As many of you already know, petrified wood is a fossil created when the cells of a once-living tree are replaced by minerals, in this case, common opal, which is responsible for its somewhat glossy appearance even though these specimens are completely natural and have never been cut or polished. The message may be "courage through change" -- wear or work with it yourself and see what message you receive.

Peachfront received these stones from a collector living near George, Washington... I guess it's inevitable that there would be a town called George in the state of Washington.

Arkansas Quartz Crystal, the Eighty Pound Giant

The star of the Peachfront Press Arkansas Quartz Crystal Collection is this eighty-pound single-terminated point...

The tip is imperfect but we have never altered or attempted to recut this stone in any way. This is the genuine crystal as it was found and shaped by nature--

A large grandfather crystal tends to collect other stones in its orbit. Here are a few that have sat in its aura to collect energy:

And here's another friend, a 3 pound Arkansas quartz single terminated crystal--

Rhodochrosite, stone of love

Rhodochrosite is a pink to rosy to red crystal that speaks a message of love. Here are some specimens from the Peachfront Press private collection.

The Inspiring World of Flourite

Flourite is the stone of students, thinkers, and writers. Enjoy these examples from the Peachfront Press collection.