Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thankful to be Re-Energized With Crystals!

Who knew it could be so stressful to give thanks? Even the Pilgrims' turkeys were probably more relaxed than the average American who hits the road, consumes multiple feasts, and attends endless mall and online Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales. I like to relax and chill out with my crystals, but I especially like to re-energize by sending red energy to open my root chakra. My publisher's site is now hosting a short audio meditation you too can use for that purpose.

Grab it right here:

A free audio meditation to unclog your root chakra and get back your energy!

By the way, I have a new book coming out real soon. The entire script of the meditation will be in the book, in case you prefer to record it in your voice. There will be tons of other cool crystal worker secrets in there too. Here's a sneak peak at the cover:

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bloodstone, Raw and Uncut

I recently found this photograph of some uncut Bloodstone from India that I sold a few years back, and I thought Crystal Cash readers might get a kick out of it. This friendly, supportive material takes a good polish, and I trust it was turned into some beautiful items. ICYMI, my photographs of polished Bloodstone pieces can still be found online.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Know Your Prosperity Stones #13: Banded Hematite

One of my favorite stones for manifesting is an iron-rich stone banded in red and silver streaks of Hematite. This stone of many names is sometimes called Banded Hematite or Banded Jasper. If you've read my books, you already know the pure silvery Hematite has frequently been used by crystal workers to absorb and neutralize negative energy. In combination with the red, this banded version of Hematite seems custom-designed by nature to encourage the safe awakening of your ability to manifest good things on the material plane. You're open to the positive, and you're closed to the negative. Perfect.

In addition to carrying this stone in your pocket, feel free to place objects like spheres or obelisks made of this material on display in your home. They look striking, like works of art. No one has to know they're quietly working in the background to empower your dreams.

Note: Banded Hematite Image adapted from a photo by James St. John via Flickr under a CC 2.0 license

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Know Your Prosperity Stones #12: The Mystery of Moldavite

This bottle-green gem is a controversial and yet potentially invaluable stone used to open your heart chakra. It can bring up some powerful emotions, and it's entirely up to you whether you feel comfortable using it. Genuine Moldavite is a natural glass that may have been formed when a meteor struck the earth roughly 14.3 to 14.5 million years ago, leaving behind a huge impact crater called Nördlinger Ries in modern-day western Bavaria, Germany.

Humans make glass from melting and fusing sand, and apparently meteors do it the same way. Scientists believe Moldavite was formed when the Nördlinger Ries meteor slammed into the earth, striking a layer of sand with such force the sand was blasted high into the atmosphere, instantly melting and then fusing into raindrop-shaped stones as it fell back to earth. The formation of this natural glass must have been a dramatic event indeed, since Moldavites have been found up to 280 miles away from the original impact crater.

Genuine Moldavite is glass, but the name Moldavite should only be used for the natural bottle-green tektites (as this kind of natural glass is called) that formed as result of the Nördlinger Ries impact. Alas, there seems to be more Moldavite on the market than could have possibly rained down during the meteor storm in question. In recent years, I've heard numerous accusations that people are creating fake Moldavite by pouring modern green glass of the right color into molds. Unfortunately, that's probably pretty easy to do, since there's nothing easier for humans to make than green glass. Just ask the fine folks at the Coca-Cola company.

If you feel uncertain about this stone or your sources, you may want to pass on this one. However, the stone is not terribly rare, so it's certainly possible for you to find some Moldavite from a trusted source. Assuming you already own this stone, you may be wondering how it could help you grow your wealth.

Think about it like this. Many, if not most, people in the New Age ask this stone to remove secret hurts in their hearts that might be holding them back. If you feel like you keep getting in your own way, if an emotional or psychological block is causing you to sabotage your own success, wearing this stone at the level of your heart might help you figure out why you're doing that and how to stop.
But be warned.

Wear it in a quiet, peaceful, private place the first time, because you may become aware of some powerful emotional pain in your heart. You may have been blocking your own heart chakra in order to avoid that pain, and now that you can't avoid it any more, you may cry a little before it all flows out.

Note: Photo by James St. John via Flickr under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

Photo courtesy Peachfront Press-- You can see a 14-kt gold wire-wrapped Moldavite on the upper right.