Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Know Your Prosperity Stones #13: Banded Hematite

One of my favorite stones for manifesting is an iron-rich stone banded in red and silver streaks of Hematite. This stone of many names is sometimes called Banded Hematite or Banded Jasper. If you've read my books, you already know the pure silvery Hematite has frequently been used by crystal workers to absorb and neutralize negative energy. In combination with the red, this banded version of Hematite seems custom-designed by nature to encourage the safe awakening of your ability to manifest good things on the material plane. You're open to the positive, and you're closed to the negative. Perfect.

In addition to carrying this stone in your pocket, feel free to place objects like spheres or obelisks made of this material on display in your home. They look striking, like works of art. No one has to know they're quietly working in the background to empower your dreams.

Note: Banded Hematite Image adapted from a photo by James St. John via Flickr under a CC 2.0 license