Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Carnelian and Brazil Agate Breathe Deep, Create Truth

Orange carnelian -- and its popular cousin, Brazilian Agate, which often contains beautiful deep orange carnelian -- is one of my favorite stones to balance the so-called belly chakra. I don't want dive too deeply into the physical healing aspects of crystal magick, because I feel like you need an expert there live and in person for that stuff, but I'll mention that when I was suffering from multiple respiratory issues like allergy and frequent colds, I started wearing these orange stones to remind me to breathe all the way down to my diaphragm. "Health is wealth," as they say, and a strong, well-balanced belly chakra supports the energy and vitality you need to pursue prosperity.

How many supposedly lazy people are really just plain tired? Without energy, you can have all the desire and motivation to succeed in the world, but you won't be able to get the work done. For a quick burst of energy, try wearing a string of carnelian beads or holding a tumble-polished carnelian in your hand. Breathe deep, all the way down, until you feel the bottom of your lungs and down to your diaphragm to expand your belly. Visualize an orange light in your belly, a strong spark of fire that will build to a blaze to fuel your day.

I also wore a carnelian ring until it broke-- a sign that it served its purpose and was ready to be returned to the earth.

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