Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Throat Chakra Stones: Speak Your Truth

We all tend to wear stones quite frequently at the level of our throat chakras. The shorter necklaces often have pendants that fall at this level, and the true chokers unavoidably hug the throat. We're probably going to be wearing pendants on a neck chain anyway, so why not choose stones that support our prosperity magick?

Under the New Age rainbow chakra system, the throat responds to the frequency of pure blue light, giving us the power to communicate clearly and effectively. Being able to speak your truth and be heard is a key skill for any prosperity seeker. The ability to communicate is life or death for anybody in sales-- and these days who among us doesn't have to sell others on our knowledge and skills at least sometimes?

Of course, for the past few centuries, we often "speak" through our writing. That's fine. Many workers have reported that using celestite (a pale blue crystal) really helps the words flow out when they're writing. I have a celestite crystal cluster on my desk to support my writing, and I'm absolutely convinced that it works for me. Why not give it a try? Flourite is another classic stone for this purpose. I have a Flourite slab in shades of teal blue but you'll also find this particular crystal in several other colors, most notably purple and yellow.

There are so many classic blue stones that it's impossible to discuss them all in a single article but I'll mention a few that you may already have in your jewelry box-- turquoise, blue topaz, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, or even blue sapphire. (The blue topaz is likely to be treated to deepen the color, and the blue sapphire may be a lab-created stone.) A stone I often wear at the throat is called azurite-malachite, a relative of turquoise that is both deep blue (the azurite) and green (the malachite). I happen to wear it set in silver on a shorter chain to hold the stone at my throat, but with those colors, it does blend the powers of the heart and the throat chakra. Sometimes, when we try to communicate on a deep level, emotion may come up from the heart to fuel our words. Whether that is for good or for ill depends a lot on how well you channel your energies-- and your words. Speak with power, and you could change your world.

Mother Nature loves the color blue, and there are also some extremely common, inexpensive blue stones that you can choose. Blue lace, amazonite, and sodalite can often be found sold as small tumbled stones for as little as $1. If nothing else, you can always slip one of these stones into your pocket when you're working to improve your communication skills and to open your throat chakra so you can speak clearly.

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