Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Topaz: Stay the Course

A little while ago I got tweeted one of those stone magick tips which informed me that Imperial Topaz is a good choice to wear or carry if you are meeting a lot of resistance and you need courage to stay the course. There's no doubt that this is a traditional use of this stone.  Topaz has always been there to support your courage and your determination on the path to ultimate victory.

If you are certain that your path is righteous, then go ahead. Slip this stone in your pocket, or wear it in a ring, and stay true to your course.

But what if...?  Sometimes, the reason we're getting a lot of roadblocks in our path is because fate or higher spirit is trying to tell us that we're on the wrong road to begin with. Sometimes your best move to find your good is to get off the wrong road and start heading in a more positive direction. How do you know?

I'm not a big believer in just "programming" a stone to do what you already have in your mind is the right thing to do. Sometimes you need to calm your mind, put your pre-conceived ideas out of your head, and let the stones (or another magickal tool) suggest what you should be doing.

I've tried a lot of different techniques to get insight and direction from the universe outside of me. Tarot, astrology, the Ruins, etc... some of these work better for me than others. Again and again, I have returned to the Tarot. Try resting your cards with a small Amethyst and a small Quartz crystal on top of their box for a few days before you do a reading. You might be amazed.

I've also put together a stone Tarot kit that I use from time to time for quick readings. Maybe in a future post I'll photograph my kit and show you how it works.

Photo Credit: Imperial Topaz photo by Karen Neoh under a CC by 2.0 license