Thursday, January 7, 2016

Green Aventurine Prosperity in 2016

The very first object I brought in my house this year was this five pound mega-whopper Green Aventurine. It's a classic specimen, a soft "money" green with lots of gold flash that comes from included mica crystals. But it's more than an oversized addition to the mineral collection. It's a magnet on the metaphysical level, meant to draw plenty of new money into my house.

Here's a question. Is it more important to release your hopes for the stone and sort of forget it's there and let it do its magick?

Or should you visit with the stone every day, maybe repeating a short affirmation of its purpose? "My green aventurine super-crystal is a true money magnet pulling ever more and more money into the home."

Hmm. Most of the time, I prefer to "set it and forget it." I feel like if I have to keep affirming, if I have to keep "reminding" the stone of what it's supposed to do, I'm demonstrating a lack of trust in the magickal process. I find, for me, it's important to get out of the way and just let the magick happen.

But different techniques work for different people. If you've been carrying aventurine as a pocket stone for awhile-- long enough to mostly forget it's there-- and you still haven't seen much change in your financial outlook, there's nothing wrong with purifying the stone and starting over with a new technique.